Custom made

Come in and see us at the Auckland showroom to get measured for your specialty custom suit, or give us a call or email and we will send you a measurement form to fill in at home.

We can add hoods, leg, arm or fly zips and spear gun loading pads to your custom suit or to any brand of wetsuit that you already own. We can offer an entirely bespoke service tailored to your own requirements.

Our Neoprene

SeamateOur suits are forged from super stretch SEAMATE™ Neoprenes. These high stretch laminated materials have lower modulus and better elongation properies than any other neoprene we have tested. SEAMATE™ Neoprene has 4 Way S-T-R-E-T-C-H to maximise manoeuvrability and comfort, has a soft hand feel and is lightweight.

Neoprene Tech Bodyline Wetsuits New Zealand

Our Neoprene is “Closed Cell” LIMESTONE based not oil based which means it lasts twice as long, is super stretchy, lighter, waterproof and on average is 30% warmer than oil based Neoprene.

Bodyline NZ - EQ8R Steamer L/S 5/4/3mm Gen 4 Lava (Hooded) EQ8R Steamer L/S 5/4/3mm Gen 4 Lava (Hooded)

Clint’s EQ8R has custom coloured super stretch panels and a custom fitted hood.

Custom andy bodyline wetsuits new zealand Custom andy bodyline wetsuits New Zealand

Andy’s custom Boiler/Clone hybrid gets checked out for fit.