Your Logo Design

Bodyline NZ - Your logo design on our New Zealand made wetsuits

Put your custom design on one of the best hand made wetsuits in the world!


The latest, warmest, stretchiest neoprene available.
Your own design, logo or name printed on your suit.
You don’t have to follow the others anymore.
They will follow you !
Just you and your mates can have a limited edition range of suits.
All made right here, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

  1. Check out our range from the wetsuits gallery.
  2. Let us know which one of our quality wetsuit/s you want to make look even cooler!
  3. Send us your artwork (see below).
  4. Send us some cash (see below).
  5. Anticipate opening the parcel the courier drops off and jumping in to your too styley quality new wettie!


When providing us with art files of your logos for printing, make sure your art is in the correct printing format. Having the correct art format will save you time and money.

Artwork must be one or a maximum of two colours with no 1/2 tones or blends.


.psd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .jpeg files.
Must be at least 300dpi at finished print size.


.doc, .xsl, .fh.


Screen setup fee ( 1 off cost), $60.00 per colour.
(Designs kept on screen for 1 year from start date)

Deposit on order = 1/2 the full suit price & setup costs.
Balance to pay when suit is complete or you can just pay it all up front.

So contact us and tell us about your cool designs!